My deepest appreciations to you and your employees, especially Ms. Mary Ann Krohn and Ms. Gloria Cheatham for your support in retrieving rescinded TB_s and tech data for finalizing my Cat I PDQR. Yesterday I ran into a brick wall in trying to retrieve a rescinded TB and all it took was a phone call to Ms. Krohn and research by Ms. Cheatham to have the info I needed within 30 minutes.  Sometimes we need copies of rescinded info to compare to updated info to determine any inconsistency in maintenance performance. The time line was very important to me due to the turn around time of my PQDR projects. Now that is what I call service and this is not the first time this ladies have assisted me on my projects. Mr. Tim Cantu has also been a tremendous help on all blueprint drawings. Myself and I’m sure my fellow employees at the Analytical Investigation Branch would like to thank you and all of your employees for your continued support and time.
Julian Zamudio, Sr.
Aircraft Accident Investigator
Dir./QA, F3C00, MPED, AIB
Analytical Investigation Branch
Corpus Christi Army Depot

“I would like you to know that during the past JAG investigation of a crashed UH-1N we called upon the Tech Library to furnish us with over 5000 documents to support the case...During six days of hearing and testimony we referred to the documents stored in the repository and I must say the quality of the documents, each and every one, was the best I have ever seen..
The JAG remarked too on how well they read.   I am pretty much a critic of records and paperwork and I was most pleased to see how well each and every sheet was preserved and duplicated...I know sometimes in the ole days of "box diving" how papers are smudged and torn they get out of order etc...These were PERFECT.
I learned that EDS [working with The Gabriel Group] is the contractor that files these documents and I would like to have you pass on to them and yourself as the COR a thank you for a job well done...You can't imagine how proud we were to get through such an ordeal and knowing our paperwork was in great shape...
Plz pass on to the EDS folks my appreciation....I also want to thank the Tech Library staff.. David and Maryann and others for their part into this project...they work so well with EDS [and your subcontractor The Gabriel Group].
Bottom line it’s an honor to have our data in a database that is easy clean and accurate.... ”
Larry Simone, Dir, Acft Prod

Corpus Christi Army Depot

" THANK YOU!!!!  You really can't imagine how good it is to get quality work back on time, let alone two days early!  Even more pleasing is that is the norm for ya'll, not the exception, thank you again!"
Fred Koch
Chief, Quality Assurance Division
Corpus Christi Army Depot

"You and your folks are awesome. Thanks for your continued support."
Ben Pallotti
Avionics Branch Chief
Directorate of Accessories And Rotor Blades
Corpus Christi Army Depot

"Thank you so much for the prompt response.  I really appreciate your stellar
work ethic!"
Ms. Toni J. Durant
Tech Data Control Officer
Customer Relations Br.
Corpus Christi Army Depot

"Thanks, Toni, you have very professional Tech Data personnel, I have no
complaints they do their jobs well."

Gonzalez, Abel Jr



"Thank you for all your help and it was a pleasure working with such a true
Tim Nichols
OCM Flight Support Section Chief
Aircraft Support Division

"Thank you for the opportunity to service your financial needs. It is a pleasure working with you and your team. Your attention to detail and frequent progress updates makes my job a breeze. Keep up the good work and let me know when I can help."
Michael Korff
Business Relationship Manager
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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Corpus Christi, TX 78418

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